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Man and Manhattan: David Spiro

Man and Manhattan: David Spiro

David Spiro

The Stats:

Occupation: Founder of Elevatr (Elevatr.com)
23, Lives in Murray Hill
Attended University of Michigan

The Goods:

Favorite Brands: Luigi Bianchi, Topman, Paul Stuart
Grooming: Barbershop at 8 Rivington, Hair product – Natty Paste
Favorite Neighborhoods: Alphabet City, Lower East Side, DUMBO
Bars: The Wayland, Experimental Cocktail Club, Raines Law Room
Drink: The Banjo at the Wayland
Restaurants: Freeman’s, La Esquina, Parisi
Music: 80’s/90’s Hip Hop – Gang Starr, Slick Rick, KRS One, Nas, Jay-Z (Reasonable Doubt years), Big Daddy Kane
Interests: Anything Tech, exploring neighborhoods
Sports: Basketball and Baseball

The Links:

Company: Elevatr.com
Twitter: @spiroD123
Instagram: SPIROD123

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Introducing David Spiro

David Spiro

There’s a well known quote from Woody Allen where he states, “Eighty percent of success is showing up”. I feel that quote can be applied to Mr. Spiro, but I would amend that statement and adjust it to one hundred percent for David as he was always on point and sharply dressed for our mutual 1 p.m. lunch hour meetings to take shots of him. It was a pleasure to get David in front of the camera because his style is very playful, whimsical and he has the guts to mix things up. I admire his inventiveness to color outside of the lines where his style is concerned because I am more traditional and uniform in my way of dressing. I like simple, monochromatic, quality and easy. I like to know that all my items can be thrown together without much thought where I look good and can simply get the eff out of the apartment! So to see someone like David go a bit against the grain in his manner of dress was a treat.

David is the founder and operator of the company Elevatr (elevatr.com) which is an innovative app whose aim is to help get start ups off the ground and build and mold them into reputable companies. He strikes me as that polite Jewish kid from Livingston, New Jersey but with a slight edge as he loves early 80’s and late 90’s hip hop music. You would think that he pores over copies of and studies GQ and Details religiously and obsessively checks the deals on GiltMan.com just by looking at him. But nothing could be farther from the truth as he is a self-professed tech junkie who actually spends most of his time developing his business and a lot of his spare time reading tech magazines and websites that I’ve never heard of. Sites such as Hacker News and Union Square Ventures fall out his mouth more easily rather than the latest, hottest menswear designer of the moment. It just goes to show, that you really can’t judge a book by it’s cover.

He regaled me with stories from his youth about trips into the city on the weekends from the suburbs to purchase items that would not be worn by his mall attired classmates in high school and how he continued his flair for originality throughout college to a certain degree. What I came to understand about him is that he naturally has this gravitational pull towards some of the more in-the-know brands. A great story he told me was how he was encouraged to go to a sample sale by a friend and he showed up during the latter end of it where at that point, as any hardcore sample saler worth their salt knows, you’re more likely to find slim pickings and things you wouldn’t even give the relatives that annoy you as gifts. To his luck, he spotted a mixed patterned blazer, tried it on and it fit him like a glove. That blazer, to be seen in a future post, was from the super hot menswear label Ovadia & Sons. David didn’t have an inkling who they were and because it fit his frame and he liked the style he purchased it. Such is just one instance where that seems to be a regular occurrence with him.

Sometimes during his lunch breaks he heads over to his favorite neighborhood, the Lower East Side and checks out the one-off stores and boutiques where he knows they aren’t mass producing items. When we get together, and he tells me where he found one of his pieces, it’s always from one of those highly curated stores featuring cult labels. His wardrobe, like most of us in New York has sprinklings of the big chains, but he prefers to stick with lesser known labels to set himself apart. He does that with ease. So much so, I purposely used full body shots with him because one of his signatures are his rolled up pants to reveal his patterned or colorful socks. I refer to him as the sock man, because his sock game is no joke. It’s a fun thing he likes to do to make things pop below the knees. I think it’s safe to say that clothes wise, with David, everything pops.

I do have a bit of history with David as I actually shot him on the street last spring (see link below), way before we were officially introduced. To be able to capture him more in depth is a cool full circle moment. He will be featured in the blog periodically with several upcoming posts.


Please check back later this afternoon for another post on David. For more information on David email MasculineManhattan.com

Check him out in Time Out New York magazine: http://www.timeout.com/newyork/shopping/street-fashion-with-ehren-david-edralin-masculine-manhattan-blogger

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Grand and Crosby St.

Is it just me, or does this guy seem like a model in an advertisement for the British label Topman? Alas, I just happened upon him after a shopping excursion at the Soho location of Topman. He’s sporting some nods to the 80’s with his slightly faded acid wash jeans and Nike kicks of the same style in two different colors.

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