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F.S.C. Sample Sale

Lower East Side
Freemans Sporting Club/8 Rivington Street

To reiterate, the F.S.C. Super Bowl Sale is a must for the fellas. Ladies and gays, treat your man to some nice gifts this Valentine’s day or just grab something for any dude in your life. If these photos don’t entice you to visit and possibly re-visit this sale over the next few days and do some damage to your credit card then I don’t know what will. Thanks again to all the cool staff at F.S.C. for letting Cavan and I play dress up and taking up some space. The sale runs until January 26th. Hit it up!

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Freemans Sporting Club (F.S.C.) Super Bowl Sale

Lower East Side
Freemans Sporting Club/ 8 Rivington Street

There are some sample sales worth waiting for as well as worth saving for. For the guys, Freemans Sporting Club is one such sale. I was invited to preview the sale during the Friends & Family day held prior to the official opening to the public, which is today, beginning at 10 a.m. Alix Dana, the lovely PR rep was very gracious in asking me to cover their annual Super Bowl sale for the blog. Being as I have been a huge fan and shopper of the store for quite some time, it was a privilege. I brought along Cavan Valance to model and showcase some of the awesome goods you can score for a fraction of the retail price. I even took the liberty of posting a shot of the price list to streamline your shopping experience. This would be one of the rare occasions I would urge anyone in New York reading this post, to get off my blog and run – not walk – to 8 Rivington Street and stock up on the fine, easy, solid, well-crafted, made in America threads that F.S.C. is renowned for. Stay tuned later this afternoon for a second post on the sale featuring more of the stylish merchandise. For more details, click the link below.


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