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Bundle Up

Bundle Up

Greenwich Village
5th Ave. and 11th St.

Today feels truly cold in New York. The most frigid in a long time and yet I’m still able to capture stylish cold weather looks. Layering heavily is the way to go if still want to look your best while shielding yourself from the elements. I particularly like the shawl collar on this guy’s pea coat and contrasting the blue with the light hat and scarf.

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Grey Cardigan

Grey Cardigan

Lower East Side
Allen and Rivington

Yesterday’s post Clean Lines was just one example of how I would dress and here’s yet another example of an outfit that would suit me. What can I say? I love my blues, greys, shawl collars, button downs and dark denim.  I’ll also take brown footwear any day of the week.

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Cavan Valance On The Highline Part 2

Cavan Valance
The Highline

As promised here is Cavan on the Highline, this time wearing his navy shawl collar sweater that preps him up a bit. I noticed that as he was taking the sweater on and off to showcase him against different back drops, his hair kept re-arranging itself which gave him a different look in various shots. I was partial to the look where his hair made him seem slightly boyish; I’ll let you figure out which one that is. We did both agree that our favorite pick was the shot with him sitting down with his shades on, smiling. Even though all of these turned out great, sometimes you gotta have a fave.

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