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Man and Manhattan: Sean Avery

Man and Manhattan: Sean Avery

Sean Avery
Nolita/Cafe Gitane

I spotted former New York Rangers, HHL star Sean Avery having brunch outside Cafe Gitane on a warm December day this past Sunday. I’ve always viewed Mr. Avery as the epitome of the “man about town” – young, cool, stylish, urbane, handsome, always seemingly has a beautiful woman on his arm (currently engaged to Victoria’s Secret model Hilary Rhoda). He is famous for sure, but is no world superstar, so he blends in perfectly with other New Yorkers and is not one of those tacky celebs. Sean is not your typical jock since he’s well known for his cool sense of style and ties to the fashion world and his ability to dabble in worthy projects. He has interned at Vogue, guest judged on Project Runway, has helped to open cool downtown restaurants that New Yorkers actually eat at, not tourists, is a huge supporter of marriage equality and gay rights and upon googling him, one of his best pals is gay icon Andy Cohen. Sunday’s brunch outfit was a black and white combo with his tats showing to take advantage of the spring like temperatures.

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