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Royal Blue

Royal Blue

Prince and Crosby St.

Sometimes it takes seeing a particular color on someone else to make me re-think my opinion of it for myself. A royal blue kinda guy I am not, but now I think what do I know, since I’m now in the market for a shirt in that hue, no thanks to this guy turning me out 🙂

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This One’s For Me

This One's For Me

Prince and Lafayette

I generally don’t play favorites with outfits or pictures I take since I’m very diplomatic, but this guy’s ensemble is a stand out for me. Something about him nailing the spread collar, the lapels and color of the jacket, the hint of red in the pocket square, the brown knit tie, the shades, the cuff of his jeans and monk strap shoes. His precision is off the charts. I hate shopping, but this makes me want to go and replicate this look.

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Stand Up

Stand Up

Union Square
18th and Broadway

I was with my subject Garrett from the blog (Hi Garrett) when I spotted this fellow. Good thing he was there as I was distracted talking to him and we both saw him and all I remember was Garrett barking at me “get him, get him” with my camera. The consensus between us was that his monk strap shoes were pretty solid, while I personally liked the collar of his four button peacoat and the maroon color of his pants.

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