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Levi’s Jacket

Levi's Jacket

Greenwich Village
6th Ave. and Waverly Place

Nothing beats a classic. Case in point – this gent’s Levi’s denim jacket. Minus the smart phone, he looks like he could be in New York in the 1950’s. Some items are just timeless.

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Man and Manhattan: Patrick Van Der Veen

Patrick Van Der Veen

The Stats:

Occupation: Sales
30,Lives in Amersfoort, Netherlands
6 foot, 180lbs, in a long-term relationship
Interests: Windsurfing, Skiing, Canyoning, Traveling – Austria, Corsica, Milan, Paris, New York

The Goods:

Favorite Brands: Suit Supply, Levi’s, Zara
Motorcycle: Honda VFR, Ducati
Grooming: Hair product – Joico paste, haircut every four weeks

The Links:

Instagram: @patrickwvdv, likes @High Men Style
Time Out New York: http://www.timeout.com/newyork/shopping/street-fashion-with-ehren-david-edralin-masculine-manhattan-blogger

Quote: “I love the easiness of being a guy”

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Introducing Patrick Van Der Veen

Patrick Van Der Veen
Lower East Side/SoHo

I had the good fortune of spending a Saturday afternoon with Patrick and his beautiful girlfriend Louise in SoHo and the Lower east side. The three of us went shopping and stopped along the way to take pictures of Patrick, who apparently cannot take a bad picture. This guy has no bad angles! In editing Patrick’s pictures, I was reduced to just cutting out the ones where the camera caught him blinking. But besides that, deciding which shots to use from this photogenic gentleman was a daunting task as they all seemed worthy of being posted. He bears a slight resemblance to reality star Bill Rancic of Donald Trump’s show The Apprentice or rather, I should say, Bill resembles him.

I met Patrick through the Time Out New York magazine piece I guest edited, where we stopped guys on the street to be featured in the street fashion column for the style section. He and Louise were strolling throughout Soho at the time and we exchanged info and re-connected a few days later. Upon our second meeting I noticed Patrick’s great shoes. Apparently before we met that day, he picked them up at a vintage store en route to see me. He took them off at one point to show me the label and lo and behold they were Allen Edmonds and he paid the bargain basement price of $15 for them. It was funny to realize he didn’t know that for a vintage store find, he actually chose some pretty prestigious shoes and according to Louise, he didn’t even like them at first, but she urged him to try them on and when he saw them on his feet he understood their wow factor. Patrick and I bonded over our love for the label Suits Supply which is actually native to his hometown of the Netherlands where he and Louise are from. They met when he was eighteen and she sixteen, at a bar and have been together for eleven years. They were visiting New York for a week and generously lent me a few hours of their time in the city to profile Patrick. We weaved in out of the quieter streets of the neighborhood and visited various boutiques unique to New York and besides Suit Supply, avoided any chain stores.

Patrick lives in Amersfoort in the Netherlands. He works in sales for the company Facilicom. I found him to be a very cheerful, laid back, friendly guy. A guy’s guy who rides a red Honda VFR motorcycle with a look to upgrade to a Ducati. A guy who likes to drink beer with his friends and is prone to watch any superhero movie. He even told me that he loves the easiness of being a guy and prefers stubble on his face because he feels it’s the mark of a man. Keeping in shape for him is a mixture of lifting weights, running and partaking in skiing in the winter and windsurfing in the summer. He and Louise let me in on the fact that he has a bit of a domestic streak as he likes to cook, bake and even enjoys cleaning the house.

Patrick’s style is very clean, a bit preppy and he likes to mix the casualness of jeans with the formality of blazers and dress shoes. His go to jeans are his Levi’s 508s but he sometimes switches gears by wearing colorful pants. With work it’s all about suits and one of his favorite pieces is a double breasted jacket from Suits Supply. Like me, he’s an informal, infrequent shopper, where there’s no specific goal or aim with clothes, but if he happens upon something that he likes, he’ll definitely scoop it up. He’s also a bit of an online shopper and visits the site Martkplaats.nl which is the Dutch version of eBay. For inspiration, he scouts the pics of High Men Style on Instagram and he hails the style and fashions of the men in Milan, praising their elegance and refinement. While in New York he emphasized the streets of SoHo as an area littered with great style. I find that very fitting, since that’s exactly where I encountered him in all his stylish glory.

Check Out Patrick in Time Out New York: http://www.timeout.com/newyork/shopping/street-fashion-with-ehren-david-edralin-masculine-manhattan-blogger

Please check back later today for another post on Patrick

For more information on Patrick email MasculineManhattan@gmail.com

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Introducing Cavan T. Valance

Cavan Valance

I met Cavan while he was strumming his guitar on Mercer St. in Soho. I was on my way to an appointment, as he was on a break from work. I noticed him playing and I asked to snap a few shots, while he sang and he agreed. Conscious of the time, I quickly said thank you while making a mad dash, but before I could get away he stopped me to take my info so that I could send him the pics. Realizing that he’d be a perfect subject for my site, I’m glad he chimed in before I left without a proper introduction as it would have been to my detriment because Cavan has turned out to be the consummate collaborator. We’ve met a few times and each time he has been so game, so open, fun loving, carefree, full of energy and willing to try anything. For example, I wanted a few shots of his tattoos, so he ripped his shirt off and we laughed at the absurdity of him being in a drafty alleyway in Tribeca on a brisk fall day with him shirtless like he was at the beach. There were hardly any serious or smoldering looks in that series of shots since the situation only warranted laughter. Suffice it to say, he totally brings his A game to the table and is very easy going. Taking so many photographs of Cavan, it’s obvious that the camera loves him (somebody get this guy a modeling contract stat!) But he’s more than just good looks. He’s got a lot of substance and enthusiasm and a very relaxed attitude.

Cavan is an aspiring musician/singer/songwriter. His music leans towards acoustic and rock and his aim is storytelling through song. It’s a passion of his that literally travels with him everywhere since I feel that his guitar is always by his side. It seemed to be the one constant fixture in our meetings. He grew up in Glen Cove, Long Island, the oldest in a set of four siblings in a big Italian/Irish family. Family is a big deal to him and speaks highly of his and of the one he’d like to one day create. He’s currently in retail management in Soho. Not that he can be put into a box, but Cavan has that all american vibe going on and he openly refers to himself as the “flip flops and tank tops guy”. He’s not big into high style or fashion as his wardrobe is a mix from the likes of Hollister to the more refined Ted Baker, but he’s just more prone to whatever appeals to his eye whatever the brand and is not a label snob. Designer wise he likes Ralph Lauren, specifically the Double RL line which is more rugged, rough and playful and is more his speed. He wears a suit well, but I get the sense that he likes clothes he can move in and not be so restricted since he’s very athletic. Hearing him talk of his mornings up at 5 a.m. to work out and how a marathon is too one note for him and that he prefers triathlons for more variety made my need for 9 hours of sleep a night seem a bit indulgent.

Fitness is very important to him and with six tattoos scattered around his torso, all the more reason he likes to keep his frame in shape. People who have tattoos attach meaning, stories or sentiment behind each one and the theme I noticed with Cavan’s ink was the poignancy of family. His tattoos range from one named after and commemorating his grandmother and great grandmother Virginia Rose, to an anchor with the letter M, which refers to mother, as she is his anchor and to the word Veritas, which stands for truth. The truth about Cavan is that he’s open to all the possibilities and takes advantage of every opportunity that comes his way.

Cavan’s tunes: http://www.soundcloud.com/Cavan-t-valance

Please check back later today for another post on Cavan

For more information on Cavan please email MasculineManhattan@gmail.com

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Leather & Denim

Leather & Denim

Lower East Side
Hester Street

It’s starting to finally feel like fall in New York with the weather turning crisp. Bring on the jackets and sweaters. These two guys are fall ready with their fitted jackets in leather and denim. I particularly love the wash and fade of the Levi’s denim jacket on the right.

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