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Winter Jock

Winter Jock

West Broadway and Canal St.

Rocking a baseball hat, basketball under one hand and skateboard beneath his feet. All play is a lot of work.

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A Pair of Red Wings

A Pair of Red Wings

Greenwich Village
Thompson and Bleecker

Red Wing boots are functional and stylish at the same time and are simply a great winter boot period. I wouldn’t even mind if a friend of mine was wearing his at the same time. Not into the twins look, but for Red Wings I’d make an exception.

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Fur Trimmed Hood

Fur Trimmed Hood

Greenwich Village
Greenwich Ave. and Christopher St.

There’s something about that fur hood that makes his Canada Goose coat way more appealing. I probably would not have taken his picture without it. It’s what is known as a deal breaker in the picture selection process 🙂

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Throwback Thursday: Fur Shawl

Throwback Thursday: Fur Shawl

Spring and Crosby St.

When I began compiling pictures for the blog last winter, this was one of the first guys I shot. No matter what your attitude towards fur, you can understand why I was immediately drawn to his coat and collar. The color combo itself deserves a thumbs up.

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