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Charlie in TriBeCa

Charlie in TriBeCa

Franklin and Greenwich Ave.

Stumbled upon the very cool and chill Charlie while strolling with my friend Julie in TriBeCa. He had a preppy, hip hop vibe going on with his Air Jordans, two studs in his ears, shirt buttoned all the way and straight brim hat.

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Kept In Check

Grey Plaid Blazer

Upper West Side
72nd and Broadway

I like how he takes this blazer in grey plaid to punch up a very common look of shirt and jeans. Nothing like a little lift to elevate an outfit. This is also my second post of catching a guy with the rarity of earrings. Maybe they’re making a comeback.

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Angry Birds

Angry Birds

Prince and Sullivan St.

How can you not like a guy who sports an Angry Birds t-shirt? Two things that I noticed on him that I rarely see anymore – earrings (two small gold hoops no less) and long hair. Definitely a nice change of pace. His sleeve tattoo and the fact that he’s carrying a pizza are a nice touch. Bonus.

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