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Rolled Up

West Chelsea
10th Ave. and 29th St.

This guy is all about the rolls – his t-shirt and his pants. I like his choice of putting blue and green together, with his cream colored high tops. I’m rarely a pattern or prints guy, except when it comes to plaid, so I can appreciate solid blocks of color.

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Color Block

Color Block

Warren St.

Digging his dark grey over grey color block design on his baseball crewneck shirt. He fills it out pretty well also.

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The Beginning – Part 2

The Beginning - Part 2

Spring and Sullivan St.

I am spoiled and grateful to live in SoHo. I can capture a lot of style, just by walking out my front door. But I like the variety of other neighborhoods. In fact, because it’s so easy for me to just shoot in SoHo, it gives me the impetus to branch out to other parts of town. This shot was taken right at the corner of where I live. So to reiterate, (see part 1), I don’t have to travel far to get the goods.

I can’t tell if his pant leg is purposefully rolled up or if it’s circumstantial. Either way, it’s a nice touch. I also like the color blocking of his coat and pants.

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