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Lessons From A Collar

Lessons From A Collar

6th Ave. and Vandam St.

I was consulting a friend the other day about clothes in his closest and when he put on his pea coat I suggested he turn the collar up. When he looked in the mirror he couldn’t believe what a difference it made and how much cooler it made him and the coat look. I’m going to send him this shot to give him another example.

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Stand Up

Stand Up

Union Square
18th and Broadway

I was with my subject Garrett from the blog (Hi Garrett) when I spotted this fellow. Good thing he was there as I was distracted talking to him and we both saw him and all I remember was Garrett barking at me “get him, get him” with my camera. The consensus between us was that his monk strap shoes were pretty solid, while I personally liked the collar of his four button peacoat and the maroon color of his pants.

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