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F.S.C. Sample Sale

Lower East Side
Freemans Sporting Club/8 Rivington Street

To reiterate, the F.S.C. Super Bowl Sale is a must for the fellas. Ladies and gays, treat your man to some nice gifts this Valentine’s day or just grab something for any dude in your life. If these photos don’t entice you to visit and possibly re-visit this sale over the next few days and do some damage to your credit card then I don’t know what will. Thanks again to all the cool staff at F.S.C. for letting Cavan and I play dress up and taking up some space. The sale runs until January 26th. Hit it up!

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Freemans Sporting Club (F.S.C.) Super Bowl Sale

Lower East Side
Freemans Sporting Club/ 8 Rivington Street

There are some sample sales worth waiting for as well as worth saving for. For the guys, Freemans Sporting Club is one such sale. I was invited to preview the sale during the Friends & Family day held prior to the official opening to the public, which is today, beginning at 10 a.m. Alix Dana, the lovely PR rep was very gracious in asking me to cover their annual Super Bowl sale for the blog. Being as I have been a huge fan and shopper of the store for quite some time, it was a privilege. I brought along Cavan Valance to model and showcase some of the awesome goods you can score for a fraction of the retail price. I even took the liberty of posting a shot of the price list to streamline your shopping experience. This would be one of the rare occasions I would urge anyone in New York reading this post, to get off my blog and run – not walk – to 8 Rivington Street and stock up on the fine, easy, solid, well-crafted, made in America threads that F.S.C. is renowned for. Stay tuned later this afternoon for a second post on the sale featuring more of the stylish merchandise. For more details, click the link below.


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Mixed Martial Arts Artist Chris Rini

Chris Rini

Purchase a Chris Rini limited edition poster and t-shirt:



Last summer artist and columnist Chris Rini sent me a message on Facebook complimenting my blog and introducing me to his work. As a fine artist, his focus is on illustrations on woodwork featuring the sport of Mixed Martial Arts, while as a columnist he contributes regularly to The Fightland division of Vice magazine (http://fightland.vice.com/author/chris-rini) writing about the historical moments in mixed martial arts. Our correspondence lead him to invite me over to his studio to take pictures of his work and the space where he creates. Meeting someone who has a keen interest in MMA and who merged it to his work as a visual artist was quite interesting and seems very fitting since MMA is a mix of fighting disciplines and styles. Viewing Chris’ work I was struck at how poetic and fluid he made the tough sport seem through his drawings and use of color. Hearing him describe his pieces was fascinating as there was so much back story behind each one and the way he illustrated each piece gave such a visceral effect since he employs several techniques to bring his work to life.

Chris is a native New Yorker from Ridgewood Queens who studied at F.I.T who to earn his Bachelor’s degree at Hunter College in Fine Art. Most of his time was devoted to doing figurative work and he also studied sculpture. A meditation retreat lead him to an epiphany about marrying his love of MMA with his skill at drawing as an artist. It’s work that he passionately draws and writes about, so much so, he fortuitously wrote some posts on the site Reddit.com, where Vice magazine reached out to do a feature on him, which in turn led to an invite to write a bi-weekly column for Fightland at Vice. When Chris informed me that a t-shirt of one of his illustrations of legendary fighter Renzo Gracie was being produced by East Coast MMA  I knew it was a perfect tie in to my blog. Him being a Manhattanite, his great art featuring masculinity, and a t-shirt styled from his work is yet another great mix.

Follow Chris: Twitter: @Chris_Rini, Instagram: @Rinimma

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Cavan at Wooster St. Social Club

Cavan Valance
Wooster St. Social Club/SoHo

It was one of those rare Friday nights when I had nothing planned for the evening, so it was to my surprise when Cavan hit me up with a text the minute I walked into my apartment from a long day at work to invite me to a party at the Wooster St. Social Club a few blocks away from where I live. He just got off work himself which was located down the street and since I was super close myself, I decided to drop by.

The occasion was for a great cause. His good friend Tatiana was an organizer of an event hosted Global Humanitaria USA co-sponsored with Miami Ink and NY Ink star Ami James of the two hit reality programs on TLC. The party was for the launch of the “Brick by Brick” Children’s Shelter Campaign to support the fight against child sexual exploitation in Cambodia. A worthy cause if there ever was one. So many people came out to support the event and I was moved by the speeches given by the organizers/partners and Mr.James himself offered a great testimony as to why he felt the need to support it through the notoriety of his tattoo shop. Since it is the holiday season and if you’re feeling the need to donate to a worthwhile campaign please visit Global Humanitaria’s website for more information and a complete rundown of what they do (see link below). Being generous and having an open heart is always in style and is not relegated to just the holidays!


To view more posts of Cavan, click the tag below with his name.

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Cavan Valance On The Highline Part 2

Cavan Valance
The Highline

As promised here is Cavan on the Highline, this time wearing his navy shawl collar sweater that preps him up a bit. I noticed that as he was taking the sweater on and off to showcase him against different back drops, his hair kept re-arranging itself which gave him a different look in various shots. I was partial to the look where his hair made him seem slightly boyish; I’ll let you figure out which one that is. We did both agree that our favorite pick was the shot with him sitting down with his shades on, smiling. Even though all of these turned out great, sometimes you gotta have a fave.

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Cavan Valance On The Highline

Cavan Valance
The Highline

Cavan and I spent the earlier part of a Sunday afternoon in early November shooting up on the Highline. I was a little wary of choosing that as a location since it has become such a tourist magnet, especially on the weekends, but logistically it was a good place for us to meet. Thankfully it wasn’t as mobbed as I thought it would be since the New York City marathon was taking place that day, so I think most of the crowds convened uptown much to my relief.

As per usual, wherever Cavan goes, there his trusty Martin Little guitar follows. It was put to good use as many of the people that passed us were intrigued to hear him sing his heart out and it was an idyllic setting to hear someone play live music. The shoot and the day felt pretty informal and Cavan dressed appropriately casual. His outfit consisted of a great vintage army jacket that he swiped from one of his brothers, a solid pink oxford button down shirt from Gap, form fitting jeans and a great pair of Ted Baker shoes. He swapped out the green jacket for a grey waist coat and I was surprised how one tiny piece of clothing made him look much more polished and somewhat of rock star in an instant. He also brought along a shall collar sweater that I was tempted to throw on myself since it was windy up there. That sweater can be seen in Monday’s post of him. For now, enjoy the view from the top. Top of the Highline that is.

Please check back on Monday morning for the second part of Cavan on the Highline.

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Man and Manhattan: Cavan Valance

Cavan Valance

The Stats:
26, from Glen Cove, Long Island
Lives in New York City
Occupation: Retail management/Musician
6’1, 202 lbs
Interests: Cooking, Songwriting, Cross Fit – Swim/Bike/Run

The Goods:
Favorite Brands: Ralph Lauren, New Balance, Vintage, Tommy Hilfiger
Haircut: Barber’s Blueprint
Grooming: Hair – American Crew grooming cream, Cologne – Polo Black
Guitar: Martin Little 1x1e

The Links:
Twitter – @gleanermusic
Instagram – gleanermusic
Soundcloud – http://www.soundcloud.com/cavan-t-valance

Quote: “It’s important to be confident in the things you do”

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Introducing Cavan T. Valance

Cavan Valance

I met Cavan while he was strumming his guitar on Mercer St. in Soho. I was on my way to an appointment, as he was on a break from work. I noticed him playing and I asked to snap a few shots, while he sang and he agreed. Conscious of the time, I quickly said thank you while making a mad dash, but before I could get away he stopped me to take my info so that I could send him the pics. Realizing that he’d be a perfect subject for my site, I’m glad he chimed in before I left without a proper introduction as it would have been to my detriment because Cavan has turned out to be the consummate collaborator. We’ve met a few times and each time he has been so game, so open, fun loving, carefree, full of energy and willing to try anything. For example, I wanted a few shots of his tattoos, so he ripped his shirt off and we laughed at the absurdity of him being in a drafty alleyway in Tribeca on a brisk fall day with him shirtless like he was at the beach. There were hardly any serious or smoldering looks in that series of shots since the situation only warranted laughter. Suffice it to say, he totally brings his A game to the table and is very easy going. Taking so many photographs of Cavan, it’s obvious that the camera loves him (somebody get this guy a modeling contract stat!) But he’s more than just good looks. He’s got a lot of substance and enthusiasm and a very relaxed attitude.

Cavan is an aspiring musician/singer/songwriter. His music leans towards acoustic and rock and his aim is storytelling through song. It’s a passion of his that literally travels with him everywhere since I feel that his guitar is always by his side. It seemed to be the one constant fixture in our meetings. He grew up in Glen Cove, Long Island, the oldest in a set of four siblings in a big Italian/Irish family. Family is a big deal to him and speaks highly of his and of the one he’d like to one day create. He’s currently in retail management in Soho. Not that he can be put into a box, but Cavan has that all american vibe going on and he openly refers to himself as the “flip flops and tank tops guy”. He’s not big into high style or fashion as his wardrobe is a mix from the likes of Hollister to the more refined Ted Baker, but he’s just more prone to whatever appeals to his eye whatever the brand and is not a label snob. Designer wise he likes Ralph Lauren, specifically the Double RL line which is more rugged, rough and playful and is more his speed. He wears a suit well, but I get the sense that he likes clothes he can move in and not be so restricted since he’s very athletic. Hearing him talk of his mornings up at 5 a.m. to work out and how a marathon is too one note for him and that he prefers triathlons for more variety made my need for 9 hours of sleep a night seem a bit indulgent.

Fitness is very important to him and with six tattoos scattered around his torso, all the more reason he likes to keep his frame in shape. People who have tattoos attach meaning, stories or sentiment behind each one and the theme I noticed with Cavan’s ink was the poignancy of family. His tattoos range from one named after and commemorating his grandmother and great grandmother Virginia Rose, to an anchor with the letter M, which refers to mother, as she is his anchor and to the word Veritas, which stands for truth. The truth about Cavan is that he’s open to all the possibilities and takes advantage of every opportunity that comes his way.

Cavan’s tunes: http://www.soundcloud.com/Cavan-t-valance

Please check back later today for another post on Cavan

For more information on Cavan please email MasculineManhattan@gmail.com

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