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Dog Walker

Dog Walker

9th Ave. and 18th St.

In keeping with today’s theme of neon. But for me, it’s all about those dogs.

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Flash of Neon

Flash of Neon

Spring and Mulberry Sts.

The last couple of years, I’ve been noticing the the neon/fluorescent trend flourish. While it has died down considerably the last few years (thank God), I’ve realized that it actually looks reasonably good if it’s done in small doses, like this guy, who uses it sparingly in part of the frame of his sunglasses and sneakers. If you’re going to do it, tread lightly.

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Frats In The City

Frats In The City

Lower Manhattan
South Street Seaport

Ok, I don’t know if they are actual frat guys, but they have that way about them. It’s collegiate, mid-western, not so much about style, but swagger and identifiable through the baggy cargo and cut off jean shorts, the backpack and the Abercrombie & Fitch look.  Coincidentally I watched them walked into that very store across the street after I took their pic which I found very appropriate.

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