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David Spiro in NoHo

David Spiro

David Spiro is back! This time it’s all about him rocking camouflage both on his pants and socks and him standing in front of some cool graffiti. I could write more, but I feel these pictures speak for themselves.

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Dylan Ostrow on Kenmare

Derek on Kenmare

Kenmare and Mott St.

I stopped Dylan on a Sunday stroll and asked to take his picture. He was up for it. I mainly like his green denim that matched his camo backpack and that he was wearing bracelets as well. His outfit was centered around earth tones which is great if you’re going for more subtle color.

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Subtle Camo

Subtle Camo

10th Ave. and 23rd St.

I’m beginning to realize that camouflage to men is what cheetah/leopard print is to women.  It’s a pattern staple that remains no matter what way the fashion winds blow.  I’m fond of the way this guy has a more subtle, almost muted  version of it. This is how I would wear camo; without it being so emphatic.  Also digging his buzz cut – such a summer haircut. He’s the first good one I’ve seen this season.

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Taxi Stance

Taxi Hail

8th Ave. and 20th St.

Taking pictures of guys with style, hailing cabs, is a God send, since you’re given an automatic stance and pose, not to mention it’s such a New York thing to be doing. I love the way this guy mixes his clothes and gives a sensory overload that clicks instead of clashes or overwhelms. From the colors, to the pockets, to the socks, the fade and wash in his denim shirt, the laces in his kicks and back wards cap – it’s thought out without feeling contrived.

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