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Weekday Weekend

Slow Week 054 copy
Lafayette and Great Jones St.

Having a day off during the week can feel like you’re on holiday. Walking around the streets you get a sense of others who are in the same position, running errands, leisurely reading in coffee shops, walking dogs etc. But mostly it’s the sense that you can dress down a bit, like this fella sporting the athletic-preppy-day off look.

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Thompson and Broome St.

Today felt like the first hint of fall with a slightly cool breeze that warranted a light jacket or sweater. I like this time of year when you can still wear t-shirts, but have that one extra layer like a jacket or sweater and keep it unbuttoned or unzipped. For me, it’s an open cardigan all the way.

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Good On A Bike

Good On A Bike
8th Avenue and 23rd St.

Biking around the city is often times geared towards more athletic clothing since it can feel like more of a sport than a leisurely mode of transportation. I’m more of the camp that would wear my work or going out outfit on the bike rather than carry a bag and change once I got to my destination. This is New York! Who has time for all of that.

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Well Cut

Cut Well

8th Avenue and 18th St.

I’ve been helping an acquaintance who works in finance with some wardrobe styling and personal shopping. He practically lives in suits six days a week. When we tackled his closet, he had amazing suits, good taste and quality but the fit and cut were all wrong. Before we even did a lick of shopping, I had him take all of his suits to his tailor to fit and mold them to his frame. A month later when he got them back he realized just how wrong he was in sizing and now he actually enjoys wearing the suits, gets tons of compliments and feels much more confident in them.

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The Hobbler

The Hobbler

West Village
Hudson and Christopher St.

This is a man after my own heart as his outfit is pretty much a replica of my daily summer ensemble – Nike kicks, black fitted jeans and solid colored t-shirt. I much more clean cut, so I’d forgo the the beard, backpack and crutches.

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Yellow Tee

Yellow Tee
Upper West Side
Broadway and 72nd St.

It’s day after day Labor Day and the unofficial beginning of fall is the one of the hottest days in the city! It’s still t-shirt time as long as the weather is this hot. I’m going to squeeze as much use out of my bright colored clothing before the chill sets in and I’m back in sweaters. Yellow is one color I don’t have much of, but here on this guy, it definitely shows the appeal.

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