Scoopneck T-Shirt

Deep Scoop

Broome and Wooster St.

Lately I’ve been toying with adding scoopnecks to my collection of t-shirts. I’m partial to a good old fashioned crew neck, but I’ve realized the wider neck adds more ventilation during those super hot days. The key is finding the right width and depth since too much dip tends to make those types of shirts too feminine looking. I think this guy finds the happy medium where it’s not too wide and not too deep.

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One thought on “Scoopneck T-Shirt

  1. acuriousgal says:

    Ok., this is so NY cause I’ve never seen these in Minnesota. Of course I’m 50 and not too hip😂…I agree, any lower would look too feminine. Do they wear tanks anymore(wife beaters as my hubby calls them) that’ll keep you cool🙋

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