For The Love Of Nike

NikeGreenwich Village
MacDougal and 8th St.

I don’t know what it is about Nike, but to quote an acquaintance – “There’s something about the swoosh”. I’ve tried other athletic brands – Adidas, New Balance, Under Armour et al., but they don’t do it for me quite like Nike does and I inevitably keep coming back around. Knowing where your loyalty lies saves a lot of time, not to mention money.

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10 thoughts on “For The Love Of Nike

  1. zaychishka says:

    Agreed, I have to have Nike in my fitness arsenal, nothing can beat it.

  2. acuriousgal says:

    My hubby only likes Nike, my boys like Under Armour

  3. AMERICAN MALE says:

    Awesome post thanks for sharing
    ~American Male Contributor B.W.

  4. stylentonic says:

    In nike we trust!!! 😉

  5. Love the brand too. Just bugs me the fact that they use kids in 3rd world countries to make their products. So always when I’m about to buy anything of them I think about this.. 😔

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