Mini Check

Mini Check

7th Avenue and 22nd St.

I love a good blue dress shirt. So crisp, so fresh, so summery. The appeal of this one is the gingham pattern in a more subtle, muted, mini version and the contrast of the solid white placket on one side as well as the inside collar.

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14 thoughts on “Mini Check

  1. pinkagendist says:

    As he’s carrying a bag, that’s where the phone should go. Have you noticed a number of your men stuff their front pockets with objects? Pockets are like the dewclaw. They’re there, but should serve no purpose 🙂

    • Nope, as guy, as with all my guy friends, we like easy access. I would never put my phone in my bag. What can I say? A bulge is a bulge.

      • pinkagendist says:

        Really? I used to make other people carry my things- now I stuff them in a bag. Anything breaking the cut of the clothes would irritate me, but obviously I’m obsessive.

      • Well first of all, I would never really wear a bag. So there’s that. If the pants are a bit loose, I usually stuff it in my back pocket, but if they’re fitted or tight all around, the phone sometimes goes in the shirt pocket or hide it inside a blazer. I’d definitely have the bulge than carry a bag.

  2. pinkagendist says:

    I don’t really ‘wear a bag’ like those over the shoulder affairs. I like the type men in Spain and Italy had up to the 1970’s. Like a man clutch (with a wrist strap that’s never used) 🙂 Depending where you’re from you might have no idea what I’m talking about 🙂
    BTW inside and back pockets work perfectly.

  3. Gingham is such a quintessentially summer fabric – big fan!

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