No Socks And Loafers

Greenwich Village
Thompson and Houston St.

I was reading an article today in New York magazine about the term mankles ( – referring to the time of year when it’s not quite as hot outside for shorts, but men want to feel the sun on the lower part of their bodies, so they roll up their pants to reveal their ankles. That or have pants that are short enough to reveal them already. It is an erogenous zone and showing them off via pants can be much more attractive than seeing nice legs in unsightly, baggy, ill-fitting cargo shorts.


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8 thoughts on “Mankles

  1. longandluxe says:

    Ok I am so using the word mankles more often! Happy weekending, my dear! 😉 great suit jacket by the way.

  2. acuriousgal says:

    Love it, mankles!! I do this too, what’s the term for ladies?

  3. Best term I have heard today!
    Way more flattering than Cankles for sure!!!
    The light linen look of the blazer is perfect for warm weather – and the no socks thing rocks!

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