Printed Tie

Printed Tie

West Village
Varick and Carmine St.

This tie stood out to me because of it’s subtle diamond print and how well the pattern is spaced out on the tie so that it doesn’t look too busy. I also like how it’s a jewel toned color blue against the navy suit.

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2 thoughts on “Printed Tie

  1. Hiya. Do most of your subjects know you’re photographing them? Or posed to/about to photograph them? Or do you catch them off guard? And then what – do they just keep walking or get annoyed? Do you ever talk to them and tell them what it’s for?
    I’m SO shy and have been afraid to photograph people, but I loooove street shots, so I’m trying to be more brave. Even when I snap houses, I do it quickly and run away right after. Hahahaha.

  2. These are all great questions. My method is a bit of a mixed bag. Sometimes I’m on the run so if I see something I like and it’s across the street, I just snap away. Other times I pass a guy on the street and I ask if I may take his picture and yet other times I catch guys off guard who are passing the street. No one really gets annoyed. You have to understand, it’s New York. People are used to being looked at. My advice to you is to not be shy and be brave. If you’re friendly people usually respond in kind.

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