Club Monaco Men’s Spring Collection

Club Monaco Flagship
Flatiron District/ 160 Fifth Avenue

Last fall the Club Monaco flagship store in the Flatiron District unveiled a handsome and spectacular new store design after a complete renovation. I’ve been shopping at that location for years and expected a decent spruce up, but was instead blown away by how elegant the store was completely made over. This was not a new paint job and some new fixtures and I thought it very befitting since the line has gotten more refined and well designed over the last couple of seasons with head designer Aaron Levine in charge. They even added an attached outlet of Toby’s Estate Coffee and The Strand Bookstore which is a New York institution.

On a recent trip to the new digs a few weeks ago I was assisting some clients with some personal shopping and overhauling their wardrobe. After a long day of the usual suspects – Barney’s, Bergdorf’s, Bloomies et al., it was a relief to end the day at Club Monaco to fill in the rest of their wardrobe. It was at that particular outing that I had the good pleasure of meeting the Men’s store manager, Joshua Kokeny who invited me to check out the Spring ’14 line. I brought along part time model Craig May to wear just some of the vast array of the great spring threads they are offering this season and all looks were styled by Jonathan Chang, who is Joshua’s right hand. The clothes definitely put some stars in my eyes and pumped me up to begin dressing well for spring. Such is the magic of Club Monaco.


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14 thoughts on “Club Monaco Men’s Spring Collection

  1. AMERICAN MALE says:

    A friend this past weekend was just talking about Club Monaco. I have never heard of them.

  2. I love Club Monaco’s clothes for both, ladies and gents. Very cool clothing for guys!

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