“Loving On The Weekday” by Justin Stein

Justin Stein
Chelsea/Maritime Hotel

“Loving On The Weekday” is the catchy new tune from soul-stained pop/R&B singer/songwriter Justin Stein produced by Vaughn Elsas. Meeting Justin and his girlfriend Julia has been a real treat. I got to see his his makeshift studio in his apartment, hear his music in progress, as well as raid his closet to style and take some upcoming pictures for the blog. Some of his highlights from his bio include touring the country in his teens as the opening act for the likes of Raven-Symone, Jordin Sparks, Jesse McCartney and Corbin Bleu, being invited to attend the Clive Davis of Recorded Music program at NYU and headlining The Stevie Wonder Tribute Concert featuring Questlove of The Roots.

Justin’s tunes are pretty infectious and there was one unreleased track he played me that was pretty darn sexy. The guy’s got soul, pipes, style, the look, charisma and moves. All the ingredients that I hope will have his star rise deservedly so.

Check out the track on Soundcloud and follow him on Twitter and Facebook!

Twitter: @justinstein.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/justinsteinmusic

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4 thoughts on ““Loving On The Weekday” by Justin Stein

  1. Justin Stein look is pretty infectious too :). I’ll be sure to check out his music.

  2. Robert says:

    A great tip David, I enjoyed Loving on the weekday.

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