Pink Shirt

Pink Shirt

6th Ave. and 22nd St.

This is the second day I’m showcasing a pink shirt on a guy to underscore how great it looks. I especially love it paired with a dark or navy suit. A pink shirt is like a white shirt – it just works.

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6 thoughts on “Pink Shirt

  1. acuriousgal says:

    That looks wonderful on him….nice for spring!

  2. There is nothing sexier than a man in a pink shirt..SWOON!!

    • All guys gotta own a pink shirt. Tell all the dudes in your life to make sure they have one.

      • Oh David you must not read my blog lol! The only dude in my life right now is my dad and he wears his pink shirts proudly!

      • Not true, I do read it. I was referring to guy friends, co-workers. Things of that nature. I’m sure your dad is not the only male you interact with!

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      • Lol just making sure that you do! 🙂 Sadly most of the guys around here don’t care about their appearance. Which is why I like your blog so much, it’s refreshing to see men that take pride in their appearance!

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