Black Plaid

Black Plaid

Lower East Side
Broome and Bowery

This is yet another example of an outfit I would wear – a fitted plaid shirt, dark jeans, boots and some shades – call it a day.

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6 thoughts on “Black Plaid

  1. Great website, finally something for men. I wrote about NYC men’s fashion long time ago but I guess here we can see much more.

    • Thank you. I appreciate it that. The men have been underserved for far too long. Tell anyone you know who may find my site of interest and want to balance the scales towards the dudes. Cheers.

      • Sure I will mention your blog, when I write another post about men’s fashion. To be honest it is very easy to be fashionable in NYC but it is damn hard for men to be fashionable in Eastern part of Europe (Hungary). There is not that many stores and the choice of clothes is very poor. You can find very good and trendy pieces in very expensive shop here, so i have a double job to help them 🙂

      • Thank you for that perspective. I’m glad you are helping out the guys in any way you can. The more help, the better. Cheers to you:)

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