Garrett McCarthy At Bonobos Guideshop

Garrett McCarthy
Bonobos Guideshop, 35 Crosby St./SoHo, NYC

For anyone who doubts that hastags actually work, my blog is living proof that they do. The very gracious and beautiful Erin Grant who is a Public Relations Associate for the menswear e-commerce brand Bonobos found me via a Bonobos hashtag I used for the original post I did on Garrett McCarthy who’s featured on my site. She reached out to me with a nice email and extended an invitation to their holiday party at the brand’s Guideshop on Crosby street. Meeting her in person was even better than our email correspondence since she showed nothing but enthusiasm for my work and the guys and style on the blog. The woman is encouragement personified! Erin went one step further and invited me to shoot pictures of the store and of course I had to choose Garrett to be featured in those shots since he was the catalyst that connected us. If you’ve seen Garrett’s prior posts you know he brings it and he does not disappoint here. He and Bonobos fit like a glove. He certainly does the brand justice with the way he wears it and vice versa. This will be the first of two posts today with him rocking Bonobos, so stay tuned later this afternoon. Garrett, like me, is also a fan of the brand and from a business standpoint has admired the way they have grown the company and is even fraternity brothers with CEO Andy Dunn at Sigma Chi.If you want to purchase anything you see Garrett wearing, click on the photos for all the details.

I’ve been a huge fan of Bonobos since their inception back in 2007 and I’ll never forget one of the rare sample sales they held in their former office digs years ago, where I scored a braided belt that I still wear to this day for ten bucks plus some polos that have become my go-tos when I don’t want to think about what to wear. Also the fact that they served free beer while you shopped won my loyalty to them. It is a great guy-centric menswear brand that has mainly had an online presence but have since expanded to brick and mortar Guideshops throughout the U.S. For those in New York, I highly recommend visiting the Crosby street store, since the staff there is amazing and so hospitable. You can make an appointment or walk in, but either way it feels like you’re trying clothes on in a cozy living room as opposed to your typical retail environment.

Bonobos, both online ( and at the Guideshops (, is a great place to pick up any last minute gifts for the men in your life or to my male readers, to score some nice threads for yourself to look great at all your holiday festivities and to keep you looking good all winter. Their gift bundle packages are a superb idea and well designed. Specifically for the Guideshops, here is some easy info:

    • Guideshops:
      • Electronic Wish List– Bonobos Guides will make an electronic wish list from your most coveted items, complete with photos, prices, sales, and link. They will send these wish lists to you personal contacts of choice!
  • Seasonal Bundles Curated by Bonobos designers
    • Guideshop gift card experience– gift cards can ONLY be purchased at Guidehshops. Everyone likes a new/exciting experience, so give your guy a Guidehsop gift card and book him a time where you can both go in and pick out/ get fitted in some new duds.
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7 thoughts on “Garrett McCarthy At Bonobos Guideshop

  1. acuriousgal says:

    I just love this young man’s style here!!

  2. Jason Nickel says:

    Dandy. And well done.

  3. liamfox83 says:

    Garrett has truly wicked style. Orange is GREAT on him. I agree with Erin, your work is AWESOME!

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