Cavan at Wooster St. Social Club

Cavan Valance
Wooster St. Social Club/SoHo

It was one of those rare Friday nights when I had nothing planned for the evening, so it was to my surprise when Cavan hit me up with a text the minute I walked into my apartment from a long day at work to invite me to a party at the Wooster St. Social Club a few blocks away from where I live. He just got off work himself which was located down the street and since I was super close myself, I decided to drop by.

The occasion was for a great cause. His good friend Tatiana was an organizer of an event hosted Global Humanitaria USA co-sponsored with Miami Ink and NY Ink star Ami James of the two hit reality programs on TLC. The party was for the launch of the “Brick by Brick” Children’s Shelter Campaign to support the fight against child sexual exploitation in Cambodia. A worthy cause if there ever was one. So many people came out to support the event and I was moved by the speeches given by the organizers/partners and Mr.James himself offered a great testimony as to why he felt the need to support it through the notoriety of his tattoo shop. Since it is the holiday season and if you’re feeling the need to donate to a worthwhile campaign please visit Global Humanitaria’s website for more information and a complete rundown of what they do (see link below). Being generous and having an open heart is always in style and is not relegated to just the holidays!

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