Stand Up

Stand Up

Union Square
18th and Broadway

I was with my subject Garrett from the blog (Hi Garrett) when I spotted this fellow. Good thing he was there as I was distracted talking to him and we both saw him and all I remember was Garrett barking at me “get him, get him” with my camera. The consensus between us was that his monk strap shoes were pretty solid, while I personally liked the collar of his four button peacoat and the maroon color of his pants.

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3 thoughts on “Stand Up

  1. liamfox83 says:

    Love this coat. When I saw the shoes I thought “I don’t like them” but now that I am looking at them again I LIKE them too. I dig his pants, which is why I have a similar pair, in the same colour too.

    • The shoes are classic. They’re very GQ. All the dapper men in suits in midtown wear them.

      • liamfox83 says:

        They really are cool! He is dressed so simply but he looks super stylish. Those shoes definitely make him very dapper indeed. I have packed away my coats as it’s summer in South Africa at the moment but come winter I’m going coat crazy.

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