Man and Manhattan: Garrett McCarthy

Garrett McCarthy
Lower East Side/Union Square

The Stats:

Occupation: EMT, Firefighter, Emerging Menswear Designer, Model
23, 6’3”, 180lbs, lives in Murray Hill
Originally from Chicago, Illinois
Attended Wabash College, Indiana

The Goods:

Favorite Brands: Older, heritage, Americana, Classic -Barbour, L.L. Bean, Brooks Brothers, Kiel James Patrick, Gant by Michael Bastian, Gant Rugger, Jack Spade
Garrett’s Own Label: Fargo Boulevard – Coming Soon!
Favorite Neighborhood: West Village
Favorite Restaurants: Waverly Inn, Red Rooster, Villard Michel Richard
Teams: Chicago representin’ – The Cubs, The Bears, The Blackhawks
Sports: Hockey, Lacrosse
Interests: Design, Menswear, Tech, History, Architecture

The Links:

Garrett has a huge social media presence and is quite active on all his platforms. Add to his number of followers, fans.

Twitter: @GarrettMcCarthy, likes @CollegePrepster
Instagram: @GarrettMcCarthy
Company: &
Supporter of:
Garrett’s Blog:


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6 thoughts on “Man and Manhattan: Garrett McCarthy

  1. you need some billy reid in your life. #menswear

  2. Luke says:

    He’s perfect … right height, good Midwestern values … wrap him up and send him on over to my mom’s. She’ll keep him cozy until I can come fetch him 😉 I love his clothes, by the way … they seem quirkily to duplicate my own wardrobe. Seriously.

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