Casual Plaid

Casual Plaid

West Broadway and Canal St.

This is the type of outfit I would wear on my day off or walking around the city running my errands. I have way too many plaid shirts for my own good, but whatever, I look good in all of them. This guy is perfectly encapsulating how to be laid back, cool and casual.

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14 thoughts on “Casual Plaid

  1. Luke says:

    Clearly an outfit I like … and that’s a lovely way to wear it !

  2. Love how he loos like he’s in the same pose as the guy in the signal. Well done

  3. liamfox83 says:

    He looks ultra cool. Totally something I would wear. Lastly – where do you find all these hot guys? Are they just all running around Manhattan at all times of the day?

    • Yup, just in my daily travels walking around the city. Manhattan has a good stock of beautiful women and men.

      • liamfox83 says:

        From what I have seen they must indeed. If Sex and the City taught me anything it was that Manhattan has lots of beautiful people. 🙂

      • That’s true, but you have to marry that with substance, charisma and intelligence to separate the wheat from the chaff.

      • liamfox83 says:

        Absolutely! I couldn’t agree more. To me, looks fade almost (I say almost because they would still look good) immediately when I encounter someone vapid. The appeal no longer exists and I don’t see them as I did when I just used to notice them in the distance.

  4. Perfect. Casual but hip.

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