Calvin Dutton

Calvin Dutton

West Chelsea
10th Ave. and 27th St.

As I was walking up Tenth Avenue on my way to watch a friend’s football game, I noticed a slew of people unsuccessfully trying to hail cabs as it was that particular time of day when the shift changes. Such a circumstance led me to stumble upon Calvin also making the attempt. I noticed his bright yellow Nike high tops from across the way and dashed traffic to his side of the street to ask to take his photograph which he kindly agreed to. I love the way Calvin mixed his grey top coat with a cool and casual outfit underneath and gave a splash of color with his kicks and they way he rolled up his jeans to give them full exposure. I guess there is an upside to the no cabs quandary we in the city find ourselves in from time to time.

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10 thoughts on “Calvin Dutton

  1. Luke says:

    Nice looking guy and cool coat … but I’m not convinced about the shoes.

  2. Teneise says:

    Calvin looks so dope! Clean cut yet edgy! I love the shoe and coat combination 🙂

  3. Robert Jones says:

    Grey and yellow – 1980’s retro 🙂

  4. liamfox83 says:

    Calvin looks awesome. Sick outfit. This High Tops just takes the coat to another level of cool.

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