Throwback Thursday: Actor Dean Winters

Throwback Thursday: Actor Dean Winters

Broome Street

I captured the great character actor Dean Winters strolling so freely around the corner from my apartment. I’ve actually been spotting him for years in SoHo, but I never had a blog back then, so it’s fitting that my latest encounter with him last summer be featured here. Do you have a favorite Dean Winters role? I’ve loved him in Sex and the City as Carrie’s fuck buddy (that’s the first time I’ve used the f word on the blog :)), Liz Lemon’s ex-boyfriend, Duffy on 30 Rock and even as the advertising character “Mayhem” in the All State insurance commercials. Ultimately though I will always choose him as Ryan O’Reilly in HBO’s cult prison drama OZ. If you haven’t already, I suggest a binge viewing of that show. Here, he rocks the all black look and I love how he’s without sunglasses, bags and not holding a phone. Go Ryan! I mean Dean. Lol

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2 thoughts on “Throwback Thursday: Actor Dean Winters

  1. bonparisien says:

    Oz. He was stunning in it.

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