Man and Manhattan: Cavan Valance

Cavan Valance

The Stats:
26, from Glen Cove, Long Island
Lives in New York City
Occupation: Retail management/Musician
6’1, 202 lbs
Interests: Cooking, Songwriting, Cross Fit – Swim/Bike/Run

The Goods:
Favorite Brands: Ralph Lauren, New Balance, Vintage, Tommy Hilfiger
Haircut: Barber’s Blueprint
Grooming: Hair – American Crew grooming cream, Cologne – Polo Black
Guitar: Martin Little 1x1e

The Links:
Twitter – @gleanermusic
Instagram – gleanermusic
Soundcloud –

Quote: “It’s important to be confident in the things you do”

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4 thoughts on “Man and Manhattan: Cavan Valance

  1. avoirunevie says:

    Excellent concept, excellently developed! I like it 🙂

  2. avoirunevie says:

    A reblogué ceci sur Paris From the Inside Out and commented:
    This is the second installment of a two-part post from … it’s snappy, hip, interesting and SO New York. The blog is one of my true faves, with an original concept that is beautifully executed. By the way, I love this guy’s grandmotherly and great grandmotherly tattoos!

  3. nice development for your blog, EDE. I like the anonymity of your usual posts, almost as if their pic is taken unawares, but the detailed profiled…like Cavan’s…keeps it interesting. You should do this every so often. Nice addition!! It helps that Cavan is a great canvas, too…!!…

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