Noise Blocker

Noise Blocker

Chelsea Market

Today is a particularly grey day in New York, so I wanted to post a pic with color for some pick me up. I spotted this gent on his phone and his stance seemed all too familiar with him covering his ear while trying to converse to cancel out the racket of loud trucks that were on the street. I feel whenever I have to make a phone call outdoors, I have to find a quiet side street. But enough carping. I like this guy’s arm game with the tatts and the gold watch. It’s also been a while since I’ve seen a t-shirt tucked in the way he does. It’s a rare feat to be able to pull that off, but somehow he gets the proportions right.

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12 thoughts on “Noise Blocker

  1. Great outfit 🙂

  2. Paul is an exceptional human being and the world is a better place for having him in it. Lucky are those who tpuch upon him. Do we sound biased???? Love, Mom and Dad

    • Wow, that is the greatest comment I’ve received on my blog. Here’s to two great, loving, support parents such as yourself. I salute you! Thank you for producing such a stylish son

      • paul says:

        Thanks for the BLOG, the kind words, and the secret picture taking . I never imagined being on a fashion BLOG. Really made me smile . All very best to you for great success in all your endeavors.

        -Paul Vinci

  3. Matt Vinci says:

    When the chips are down I’d certainly want my brother in my corner. He is one heck of a guy.

  4. Michael Vinci says:

    There are many people that would be blessed and grateful to have an uncle like this guy. He has pushed me and pushed me and always showed tough love growing up. Because of that tough love I am doing better then ever in life thanks to him, a true role model and a great example to people around the world! Love you Uncle Paul

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