Tuesday Tank


Union Square
Broadway and 18th St.

Sweat drenched on his tank and a head full of slick wet hair. The kind of look that can only be achieved by a good workout and getting the heart rate up. I’m liking the shorts over leggings look as well.

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4 thoughts on “Tuesday Tank

  1. James Tortora says:

    The name of your blog is misleading. There is absolutely nothing “masculine” about a blog that comments on a man wearing shorts over leggings. Gay men misuse the word “masculine” cartoonishly. Working out and/or taking roids does not define a person as masculine. A guy’s guy takes whatever is clean in his drawer and puts it on. Shopping for Gay culture’s version of male clothing at Universal Gear and being ridiculously FUSSY about how you look (vain) is actually a stereotypical FEMININE trait. You should call this blog: Gay shallow men look at other men’s bodies and like to play dress-up.

    • James, your comment is very narrow minded. The point of this blog is to showcase how certain men in Manhattan have decided to rise above the stereotype of being a “guy’s guy” by merely throwing on whatever is clean and how they choose to present themselves through grooming and style. Caring about your appearance, how you look and taking the time to do so is no longer considered a purely feminine trait, especially in today’s society. That is an antiquated, outdated way of thinking for a lot of men. I’m telling the story of certain men who have adopted that philosophy into their lifestyle. My blog is a style blog, and so it’s about guys who are masculine but who also have and care about their personal style,which makes them no less masculine than men who don’t. It’s not about the type of guys that just throw on whatever is not in the dirty hamper. I know plenty of straight men who read GQ, Esquire and Details magazine religiously and have way better style than a lot of gay men I know. If you actually took the time to read my “About” section, I explained the purpose. And by the way, you actually proved my point when you called being fussy about how you look a “stereotypical FEMININE trait” – You couldn’t be more right; that is a STEREOTYPE slapped against men who take care of their looks.

  2. Never! What I say goes. Period.

  3. Stop Harrassing me. Stop threatening me!!!! Stop emailing me!!!

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