North TriBeCa I Love You

North TriBeCa I Love You

Greenwich and DesBrosses St.

North TriBeCa is considered a micro-neighborhood; that is a small ‘hood within a larger neighborhood. This is one of my favorite micro-hoods. It is so because the streets are cobblestoned, there’s not much traffic, it’s not too crowded or dense, it’s quiet, it’s right by the Hudson River and it has amazing, albeit expensive real estate. New York has so many neighborhoods that are bustling all the time, so this enclave is a refreshing alternative. It’s very civilized.

It was nice to see this great looking couple strolling down Greenwich St. For the guy, his clothes are a great fit to his body and frame. Having your clothes tailored or fitted to your body makes them look more expensive whether that is the case or not. I’m one of those guys that gets everything from suits to t-shirts taken in. His green t-shirt is a nice shade and blends in with the wall behind him. He’s got some nice slick hair, simple jewelry, rolled up cuffs from his khakis and bright sneakers to stand out a bit. Everything with him is in the details.

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